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If he liked me, he'd make a move?

I know a lot of guys say that girls need to make a move too. but at the same time, if a guy isn't shy, wouldn't he usually make a move?

I've liked a guy for a few months now but i really don't think he's into me, but then he does certain things that make me wonder. Like he keeps getting closer with me at work. When we talk, he comes and stands so close that our arms rub together. and he will poke me with his elbow when he picks on me. if we are in a group, and he's across from me, he will switch places and come and stand next to me very close again.

now he's getting a bit handsier. he will tap me on the shoulder and when i look, he whispers in my ear and says "got you". and he keeps putting his hand on my arm and touching my elbow. the other day, i touched his name tag to ask about a pin he had and he touched mine and kept rubbing it and just looking at me in the eyes.

He is really nice. he will offer to help me for no reason. he even started handing me sales at work for no reason. The other day, him and another guy were talking about a girl and i was walking by and he said "im sorry you had to hear that. i really dont want you to think im that kind of guy..." and i said," its alittle to late for that..." and we kind of just stayed quiet. with me, he is a bit more quiet though. he lowers his voice and it does feel pretty intimate. when he's with everyone else, he jokes around a lot, and as soon as i walk over, he gets quieter and says he feels weird.

he's a pretty outgoing guy and im more shy and introverted but i talk when i need to. we are in similar majors but im more of the nerd so i study more and dont go out as much. i figured if he really liked me, he'd do something about it? he has so many girls after him which is why i dont want to throw myself at him like a lot of the girls do. im guessing he just isn't interested enough?
If he liked me, he'd make a move?
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