Are you more a dog or a cat person?

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NoneAre you more a dog or a cat person??


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  • 1. There are more dog people than cat people.

    About six percent more US households own dogs than own cats. In survey after survey, people who say they love dogs outnumber cat-lovers by as much as five to one. About a quarter of all respondents say they love both dogs and cats—we will refer to such people as “bi-petuals.”

    2. Dog people are far more sociable and outgoing than cat people.

    Dog lovers are friendlier and more extroverted than cat lovers, who prefer to be alone. Dog lovers also tend to be more confident and dominant than cat people.

    3. Cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

    And they will never let you forget this, nor the fact that they think cats are also far more intelligent than dogs.

    4. Cat people are more neurotic than dog people.

    Cat lovers tend to be more prone to anxiety and neurotic disorders than dog people. This may be because their pets are far less likely to constantly reassure them.

    5. Cat people are more likely to live alone and in apartments than dog people.

    One study shoes that cat owners are a third more likely to live alone than dog owners and twice as likely to live in an apartment rather than a house. The most likely individuals to own cats are single women.

    6. Dog people are more likely to live in rural areas than cat people.

    The East and West Coasts are much more likely to favor cat owners, while dogs rule the American South. Overall, dog people are 30 more likely to live in the country, while cat people are 29 percent more likely to live in the city.

    7. Dog people tend to be more conservative than cat people.

    Owning a dog correlates strongly with having traditional values. Dog owners are also generally more rule-abiding than cat owners. Dog owners tend to skew Republican, while cat owners lean Democrat.

    8. Dog people are more obedient—just like dogs.

    Cat owners tend to be nonconformists, while dog owners generally follow the tide and obey all rules.

    9. Cat people are more open-minded than dog people.

    Cat lovers generally score higher on thing such as open-mindedness, imaginativeness, creativity, adventurousness, and holding unconventional beliefs. Dog owners, much like dogs, will pretty much believe anything you tell them.

    • 10. Cat people are more sensitive than dog people.

      SENSITIVITY Cat lovers are sensitive Often times, people see sensitivity as a bad thing. This isn’t necessarily the case. Cat people were found to be more sensitive in this study, while dog owners showed fewer signs of sensitivity in provided tests.

      11. Dog people are more masculine than cat people.

      It has been said many times that all dogs look like males and all cats look like females. Although there are exceptions, dog owners both male and female tend to view themselves as more masculine than cat owners do.

      12. Dog people tend to tolerate cats; cat people hate dogs.

      Studies have shown that people who love both dogs and cats—the so-called “bi-petuals”—have personalities almost identical to those of dog owners. In general, dog owners are more willing to tolerate the idea of owning a cat than cat owners are of owning dogs.

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    • i don't understand why you sent this, lol

    • @noesbueno

      Buddy this is just to avoid confusion among G@G members.

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  • He's super handsome, I am more of a cat person but I have a soft spot for dogs they are my best friends. I am fascinated by cats and how unamused they are by my efforts to please them.


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What Guys Said 23

  • Cats

  • Its a tuff question cause sometimes you want a pet that's independent but sadly cats aren't as responsive as dogs.. but then again dogs are much more connective and friendly to man

    If I could have a cat but smart as a dog... so it's smart and listens like a dog id take that...
    but I guess as of now dog

  • Cats. I could have one as a pet anyday, no problem. Dogs on the other hand are annoying and want attention 24/7.

  • Like both, prefer cats. Own none due to being a student and living in temporary housing 😌

  • i kinda like dogs more but in terms of owning i prefer a cat

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What Girls Said 11

  • I'm 100% a dog person. Cats are little sadists, they're literally the most evil creatures on earth.

  • I'm both. I grew up with a cat since birth as well as a dog. I'm currently laying down with my dog while I wish for a new cat or another dog.

  • I am afraid to touch any animals but I like cat more

  • I'm more of a cat person but I have dogs too, cats are just easier to take care of

  • Cat in the Hat is where I'm At. xx

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