Which do you think hurt more?

2 injuries 3 year apart you decide. which would you rather experience and why?

  • First falling 10 feet to the back of your head off of a ramp.
  • Or hitting a light pole made of cement breaking off a chunk of the pole at 30 mph with your face on speed skates
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The fall probably hurt more and did more internal damage. The other would of left a nastier scar and bleed profusely for sure but I doubt it was as painful.

    • 1 more day and i will say

    • The first one was the worst as far as pain and damage it created pressure around the top of my spine.

    • Thanks for the MHO ❤️ And I'm a nurse 💉 and a mom so I've seen my fair share of injuries.

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What Girls Said 2

  • The second one

  • That's gonna be a fookin massive scar...

    • Its almost completely gone

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    • I have been burn head to toe 7 times no burn marks left

    • I dont scar for long

What Guys Said 2

  • ah man.. why... now I got the shivers
    I think 2 lol...

    Just sounds more aggressive.. the first one is more a clean fall a clean hit

    • Well in 2 days i will say which was worse but luckily enough i turned out fine after both

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    • The first one was in 2015 the second one was 2013

    • But i know no one can knock me out

  • Ewwwwu

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