I really like this guy but he lives so far?

i don't know what to do I really like this guy and he lives 3 hours away...has anyone ever liked someone that lived far away what did you do to deal with it..?or just let me know your stories would be great please and thanks :D


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  • I recently fell for a girl I know who lives on the other side of the country. I went to go see her, and we had a good time together, but then she decided to just stop talking to me. It still really upsets me!

    A friend of mine also once travelled just as far to see a girl he liked from high school. She promised to meet him somewhere, and then changed her plans when he arrived.

    The bottom-line is that distance really sucks, but if you're both honest about it, there's a chance of making something work. Anything is possible! There are certainly plenty of people out there who've travelled more than 3 hours for love.

    I know a guy who drove 16 hours (round-trip) almost every weekend to see his girlfriend, although they were in a relationship for a while before distance separated them.

    I even know a guy who dropped out of college and moved half-way around the world to be with his girlfriend, who then dumped him a week after he arrived...but they ended up getting back together a year later.


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  • Hey. I totally get what you mean. I like this guy that lives like 15 hours away. I know I probably won't see him for the next two years. I say, if you really like the guy then go for it. If you think there might be better fish in the sea, date more nearby. Sometimes the distance is really tough, but for me, the fact that I know he is worth the wait makes the waiting not so bad.

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