What would you do if you worked in a nursing home and witnessed this?

You walk past the room and see thisWhat would you do if you worked in a nursing home and witnessed this??What would you do if you worked in a nursing home and witnessed this??
  • Not a damn thing its none of my business
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  • Call the police
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  • Lmao
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  • Depends if i like the old lady or not
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  • A, c, and d
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  • Call the police!!! I would knock the person down, report the person to own boss and the police and hope they end up in prison. I work at an elder house and did stop people from yelling at the elders and report them and make sure they won't be staying at this workplace.


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  • It happens quite a lot in UK. Some old peoples' and nursing homes have been closed down. I would always call the police. I am not afraid to be a whistle blower!

    • Omg in the UK? never would've thought

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    • Ugh and that's where I wanted to go after school

    • We need decent people to work in them. It is just the odd bad apple that spoils it for all.

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  • Forgot option F

  • All nurses, nurse aides, etc are mandated reporters. If I even happen to be in the vicinity or assigned to that resident it could be pinned on me. Of course I'm calling the cops, especially cause I could imagine what I would do if that were my grandparent. If I saw someone try this with my grandfather, I might wind up behind bars.

  • I'd call the police. Abusing old people is horrible.

  • Beat their asss then notify the authorities.

  • I would beat that guy. And call the police.


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