What's your take on the Netflix show Ozark?

Love. Romance. Heartbreak. Family and friends. Trust. Lies. Guns. Violence. Drugs. Death. I don't know.

How is Ruth gonna live with that? knowing she killed that guy with the big beard. And that stupid red neck girl who killed they Mexican drug lord THE FUCK IS HER PROBLEM. So what if he called you a red neck. And when that priest guy dumped his baby in water, i thought. He was going to drown it lol. And what happen to his wife. Did she get killed. How do you rip an unborn baby outta it's mothers womb. And that gay federal agent guy, feel bad for him.

And Marty's daughter. She's. Hot when she's angry 😘😍What's your take on the Netflix show Ozark??


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  • I think it is a show about a guy that is in some unfortunate circumstances LOL from his wife cheating on him to his kids being mad at him to drug lord trying to kill him LOL this dude can I catch a break

    • And I love how calm he is about everything

    • Marty in Ozark is a great example of how men should react in stressful situations. Sadly very unrealsicitc. most are reckless and angry all the time

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