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How to handle someone who is high? Advice?

My roommate is enjoys has a prescription drug problem and it is to the point where her boyfriend had to tell her doctor not to give her anymore medication because of the way that she was taking it and getting high off of it. I have actually seen her high off of that stuff a couple of times and it is not a nice picture. I told him that i was going to watch her and make sure that she did not get into any of my medication that i had and to make sure that she was staying sober because he was worried about her to the point where he would stay over and basically babysit her because she was always getting into something. So today she came back from her parents house and she is high out of her mind I don't know if she found some of their pills or what but it's crazy. She is walking around bug eyed looking at me in the corner like i am going to hurt her or something and she is talking to herself and falling asleep every five minutes waking up screaming "Good morning Mr. Washinton sir!". She was trying to fly and running around looking for her thumbs. The neighbors knocked on my door because they said she was banging on the walls screaming for help from the garden gnomes. I called her boyfriend to come over and help me with her because she is starting to get out of hand. Right now i taped her up in a box cause she was trying to set my apartment on fire cause she said the garden gnomes were trying to sacrifice her to the fire. She keeps screaming at the top of her lungs "Dont let them take me im on fire" I just do not know what to do with her anymore. Advice?
How to handle someone who is high? Advice?
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