Who is your celebrity twin?

My celebrity twin is Genesis Rodriguez
Same name as me and her nickname is Genny like my username. She is an American actress and she is brunette and beautiful like me. Who is your celebrity twin? Who is your celebrity twin?


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  • One of my boss's at work said I look like Garth Brooks and one of the ladies at my church says I sing like George Strait. Another one said I look a lot like George Harrison. But I don't know who my celebrity twin is. I'm just glad that I have Jesus and that's enough to make me happy.


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  • I've been told numerous times that I look like former Baywatch cast member Yasmine Bleeth.

    • Wow 😍

    • I don't see a facial resemblance as much as body resemblance. I'll admit I copied her Baywatch style (red one-piece & long hair) and moves (they way she runs & dives into the sea) when the show was popular. I think we're only 4 years apart in age but she's probably much taller than I am.

  • nobody can tell idris elba and me apart.


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