How can I ask my crush what he thinks of me or if he likes me?

I'm planning on asking my crush what he thinks of me. We never talked before because we're both very shy but I know that he's a nice guy since we know each other since we were kids we just never talked to each other before. He's about 6 years older than me so I don't know if he would take it even serious, so could you give me some tips to not seem needy or desperate or something like that. I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable and I'm not the type of girl to just kiss him or confess my feelings without being sure what he thinks of me. I just need some advice on how to seem serious but I also don't want to come off as too strong


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  • So, first of all, don't immediately ask what he thinks of you because that will come off too strong since you both never actually talked before. First, hang out with him a bit and discuss likes, dislikes , et cetera. Then after you both get comfortable talking to one another, ask him what he thinks of you.

    • I think I should've mentioned that it's a bit difficult between each other. I only see him when I'm visiting my mom's family and I can't stay there for over a year just to hang out with him. We went to restaurants with some family members if that's what you mean by hanging out. I would've talked to him if I ever got the opportunity to do so. There's one thing that you'll never understand cultural differences. He's from a country with a conservative mentality so it's not as easy to approach him as you think it is because as a girl you're constantly surrounded by the female family members instead of spending time with both

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    • Whatever sorry for asking for advice

    • Just fyi I'll block you now

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