Why was my dog going crazy?

Soo right when i was about to leave the dog park i puted the leach on her and she went bananas i mean she was biting her leach like crazyyy. So i asked for tips and a guy told me it was because she still has energy in her and she wanted to wrestle (play) soo knowing that before going home i took her on top of a hill to play with her. While she was on her belly i started playing with her and all of a sudden she growled and bit me hard. So my question is why does she goes crazy every time she has the leach on her. This things happen every time when i put the leach on her


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  • It's because she doesn't like it i had a German Shepherd who was the sweetest dog ever but if i got a leach he went crazy not biting but like Growling and stuff it's very hard to get rid of that

    • And how did u make him loose that habit?

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    • Ohhhh okay thanks for the advice

    • No problem i know how hard it is

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