Abused State of mind?

Can 16yrs of being slapped, punched, kicked & hit in the head cause a lot of unseen mental problem?


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  • For sure. At least in the sense of emotional and mental trauma. As for physical trauma that woulda likely reared its head years ago.

    • Well I've been hit in the head twice with thick sticks & my head bounced off a floor hard enough that I don't remember that days events

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    • So yeah you likely got a concussion which does have potential to leave long lasting effects. However previously stated I'm sure you would have noticed something off by now. If you have then I recommend talking to a professional.

    • I have constant headaches & migraines that I used to rarely ever have, I barely sleep at night cuz I'm afraid to. I was told that I was mentally screwed before we met. How can someone know how u was Before u ever met them? I was perfectly fine before I met him & he says I wasn't. I met him in 2004. I've never met h before then. I acted like I was better than everyone before cuz I was. I didn't care if someone liked me or not and still don't. I've NEVER hated or regreted meeting someone this bad in my life. I've tried to leave several times & he won't let me. I flinch & tense up every time he makes a fast movements of any kind towards me & get told that if I wouldn't piss him off I wouldn't get hit. He actually had me thinking at one point that it was my fault, that I was ugly, worthless and stupid

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  • What kind of problem? Schisoprenia? No. Concussions even small ones are not healthy (obviously) to anyone though but that's on physical level maybe go and ask a friend doctor or a nurse? I heard boxers tend to get dumber but I know some American footbalists and they are very smart guys so...

  • I'm afraid to ask why you would even need to ask that.
    In some ways, yeah. Fear and pain can condition you to act in certain ways. Crush self esteem, make you anxious, make you feel inadequate, etc.

  • Are you okay? Do you wanna talk about it?

    • No I'm not OK. I have nobody to talk to. And when I tell him that I found someone to talk to, he says "that great. What's their name? Guy or girl? Don't forget to tell the about ur attitude & all"!

    • Hit me up. I think i lost something here.

  • Of course it can


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