How do I feel more secure about how I look?

I wasn’t very attractive in high-school but since then I’ve physically matured a lot. Grown about 4 inches, gained about 30 lbs of muscle and now get told that I am very attractive. But I’ve never felt good about how I look and still don’t. I get told I can do better than every girl I talk to or date and regularly get told I have low standards by my guy friends. I don’t talk to more attractive girls because I’m very insecure about how I look and have a fear of getting rejected. If anyone has gone through anything like this, how do I become less insecure about my looks, and raise my standards/ get less nervous talking to attractive women?


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  • Love yourself and just talk to them. They're human beings like us. Don't have to impress them, be you and don't over think it. I know how you feel. I'm losing my hair and it's been driving me nuts, but I want a girl who wants me for who I am, not for what I have.

  • By stopping looking at you.


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