What do referred to people who do bad things as animals?

So I just heard trump talk about a murder causes by a guy from the ms13 gang and he said the gang was animal. Last time I checked animal don’t kill other animals for fun they do it to protect themselves or to eat these mass murders gang member MS 13 I won’t call them animals I told him humans as humans are the only species on the face of the planet that killed for absolutely no reason.


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  • By animal they refer to a person who abandons their 'humanity' and instead devolve to primal instinct. It is "animalistic" to behave in such a way. In the past beasts were terrifying to people, and many mauled people in terrifyingly ways. Many philosophers stated that humanity is what separated us from the those beasts, and to abandon ones humanity you would be no better than an animal. It is just a cultural thing that goes way back.

    • I guess when you the big cats to deal with + a lot of the herbivores on the savanna they could be scary stuff like raccoons and possum I doubt people were scared of

    • Take it farther back. This is language and early humanities we are talking about. Not to mention that before gunpowder just about any sizable beast can be deadly. Even now Boars maul people. This is also a time in which people's world view was limited to a point that is hard to imagine.

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  • You're thinking too hard about it


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