What are your superstitions?

Superstiotions are things that you believe that may or may not be real... such as ghosts, aliens, mermaids, unicorns, angels, etc; What are your superstitions?


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  • I think there is definitely life outside of our planet and I believe in alternate dimensions


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  • So in my family there is a tradition that trolls live under cattle gaurds and if you dont honk going over them they will break things off your car. I've seen it happen its weird. Um its bad luck to enter as guest into the side door of a house but in your own you shouldn't use your main door (main door is only used for three things a new bride, a new baby and a coffin). My family has seen some weird stuff out here in the woods, dont know what we exactly saw but those stories are always cool. Ghosts in my religion aren't always bad mostly they are good (just living in a different plane of existance) but bad spirits are real as well so you dont go looking for them.

    • I've heard most of those superstitions. I believe most of them as well.

    • I personally have a bunch of social rules you could consider as superstitions but culture plays a big part of all this stuff

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  • Governments spying on and video taping every single person in the world..
    Also.. unicorns are real.. i got one in my garage..

    • I believe both of those

  • The Mothman is kinda appealing. In a creepy way.

    • What theories do you have of Mothman?

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    • I believe in spirits that protect us that we can't see. Spirits that are lost, or they don't realise they are dead. And spirits of loved one's that inhabit animals and plants around us.

    • Very neat.

  • Everything you listed


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