Have you ever seen an eclipse?

Either full or partial, it doesn't matter.Have you ever seen an eclipse?
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  • One of the things my father lamented about before he died was that he never saw a total solar eclipse. So I kind of resolved I would see one before I die.

    And I did. August 21, 2017.

    I had seen several partial solar eclipses. My teacher's projected their images. I remember the solar eclipse of 1979, which was total in Seattle. In my home town of Los Angeles, I think it was about 50% total. I remember it because it was an overcast morning in L. A., and as I walked to school, the clouds thinned enough so that you could see the disc of the sun with the moon taking a bite out of it.

    I recall seeing several annular eclipses. I recall seeing the solar eclipse of 1991. From Los Angeles, it reached about 70% totality. I projected from a telescope. It was the first eclipse where I'd noticed the ambient lighting become dimmer.

    But last year, I hired a full time care giver for my mother to come for a few days, and I flew to Seattle them drove to Portland. I met some friends of mine who live there now. Then I drove to central Oregon and watched the total solar eclipse. I was within a mile or two of the town of Kimberly, Oregon, along the John Day River.


    If you can, I highly recommend you go see one!


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  • It's has always been cloudy when there was supposed to be an eclipse. Not that I would have had proper equipment to look at it either.


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  • Yes. Especially the ending Ones.
    Jesus coming soon. xx

  • Yea, I saw the last good one that people on the east coast could see.

  • Yes 3 years ago


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