What is your honest opinion of me?

Usually I dress in a plain white t-shirt, gray jeans, some black and white converse I custom made online (pretty cool if I must say so myself), and a necklace of a cross with my grandpa's ashes in it, as well as a black bracelet with the word 'LIVE' in a neon green on it boldly (idk why I just think it looked good.)

I have a little bit of acne and a gap in between my teeth so I tend not to smile, but when I do I cover my mouth.

I am usually very quiet and introverted but I am comfortable speaking up if I want to... which happens rarely.

I have a dark sense of humor, but I still try to be considerate of those around me.

I don't smoke, drink, or do any drugs. I have a GPA of 2.89 (I am working on it lol) and an attendance rate of 100% meaning I have not missed a single day of High School. I am fairly lazy which is hard to overcome most of the time.

My hobbies and passtimes include guitar and studying philosophy, as well as a little psychology. (I am not a psychologist, but I do like to think of myself as a modern day philosopher lol).

Just from reading that and finding out a little bit about me, what is your opinion of the person I am?
What is your honest opinion of me?
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