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Should people who cheat be sue-able in court?

If you were to be cheated on by another person would you want the ability to be able to sue them?

The court would only be involved in suing the cheating individual if evidence is proven to show any acts of disloyalty from a partner.

Here are some reasons you should be able to sue someone in court for cheating:

1. STDs - This is the biggest reason. People double dipping their nacho into other people's queso and possibly giving you herpes.
Staying with one person reduces the risk and lowers chances of STIs since you know your partners cleaning habits.
STDs can be costly money and health wise.

2. Morality - The ability to sue would make someone think twice about cheating. The possible costs of fines and fees.
Currently since there are no negatives, a cheater will continue to cheat. They have no morality nor do they care about what is thought of them.
They are selfish people.

3. Healthier relationships - I think people who are seasonal cheaters would start avoiding relationship all together. So they would be out of the loop all together

4. Money - Suing people for being a sl00t would get you free money. I think it should range from 1-10k

What do you think?
I wanna sue the sl00ts!
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No. 1 seems to be the only one you guys agree with but I still think the other points are valid.

Even the attempt to cheat should be sue able since they're conspiring to possibly transmit an std to you.

Not surprised at all by the number of female downpours since they plan to cheat weeks in advance lol
Should people who cheat be sue-able in court?
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