Does a tomboy lack the attraction that a girly girl has?

Description: a girl that wears lots of flannel, comfortable clothes that doesn't show cleavage or any real obvious "feminine form" tbh. She doesn't wear makeup daily, or do fancy hairdos, she doesn't like using her charms to get guys to do her school work/or any type of work, she doesn't like to gossip, she wears sneakers or really comfortable shoes most of the time, doesn't like wearing revealing/spandex out in public, she loves humour and will joke with anyone who can be as witty as her, she likes to banter, she hates being called princess or being thought of as weak, but she does appreciate chivalry. She swears sometimes and has a potty mouth, and does enjoy gross and sometimes sexualized jokes.. but not vulgar. eats as much as she pleases in public (only when she's alone/with someone she's comfortable with), seems to always spill stuff on herself.

She does sometimes wear skirts, and does dress up for big events, she does wear eyeliner and lipstick when she feels up for it, she does like some girly stuff and does sometimes act girly and likes the attention she gets from it.
But her day to day self is more on the tomboyish side. Her behaviour isn't flirty just a jokester that loves to laugh.
This girl has been told that she doesn't get much attention from guys because guys like girly girls, and that not showing off her form & wear sweaters and baggy shirts = turn off.
She didn't usually care, because she thought that a guy will like her for who she is... but is this really true? Does she really have to put in the effort in appearance and behaviour to be more girly for her to meet a nice guy? Isn't that faking? And he'll be disappointed when she reverts back to her comfy clothes?
I ask this, b/c she's been really confused lately, and doesn't know who to listen to. In her opinion, it seems quite old fashioned, and she just wants to be herself. She keeps getting people who tell her that she's too intimidating, eventho she's just not frivolous
Does a tomboy lack the attraction that a girly girl has?
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