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I'm planning on becoming a United States Marine. Pros and cons? Advice? Thoughts?

About 5 days ago, a Marine recruiter came to my house and talked to me about a potential military career. I had thought about the military before, but not seriously. After speaking with this guy for 7 hours over the course of two days, I was fairly certain I wanted to be a Marine. I know this is a massive decision, so I won't do anything official for at least a few weeks so I can really ponder and pray about the topic, but as of right now, I think I'm going to do it. The recruiter had me take a quick test of intelligence and evidently I scored very high, so he told me I could get basically any job in the military due to that high score and my clean background history. Additionally, after speaking to me for a while, he was convinced I have the mindset of a Marine (And it wasn't just him trying to convince me to enlist, this guy really wants what's best for me, he even put me in contact with the Army so I could check out other branches as well) because I prioritized things like leadership, self-dicipline, and challenge over features such as technical skills or travel in a future career. Lastly, though I am not extremely athletic by any means, I do play several sports, and with some work, can get to the physical level of dominance expected from a Marine. It's something I feel I should do because it fits me so well and would be a chance to do something greater with my life then just getting a normal job and working for my own good.

Anyways, my question for all of you is what you think about this. Are there any huge pros or cons I need to take into consideration? Perhaps there is something you think I should know?
I'm planning on becoming a United States Marine. Pros and cons? Advice? Thoughts?
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