Guys wearing yoga pants, yay, nay?

Really I have 2 questions. 1.) Whatdo girls think of guys wearing yoga pants? I wear the bootcut ones no leggings I hate my ankles. I mainly wear them to sleep or lounging around. I occasionally wear them out to run to the store really quick. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting stares other times I feel like no one notices.

2.) How should I tell my girlfriend that I wear yoga pants? I have casually hinted towards what she would think of guy wearing them or if I wore hers and she seems against it. But I've been dating her for a long time and I feel she needs to know and i have no idea how to tell her


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  • I have male friends who wear yoga pants, nothing weird about it

    • Do the wear them around you? Or do you just know of them wearing them?

    • Some wear them around me, mostly just in a lounge wear situation

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