Why’d I have to be born into an unfortunate family?

I think it’s so unfair when I see teens my age who just were born into paradise
I have a friend who lives in Australia..
She was just born into paradise
She has a huge brick house with a nice large front yard.. Dark green grass.. She even has 2 mini lakes in her front yard... It’s a gated home... most likely a gated community..

When we moved into this house our backyard was filled with broken glass, spiders, a huge tree, & this tiny garage with no door

Although I’m unfortunate, I’m thankful for what I do have.. I’m able to eat everyday.. play video games..
& I was blessed with the best mom anybody could ask for

Its just like why couldn’t that be us living the good life?

My mom has had health problems all of her life & she can’t work.. She can barely make it to the bathroom on her own so I can’t blame her

it’s just she got stabbed in the Gut by life.

im 18 now and I feel like I could change this but I also feel like I’m gonna end up stabbed in the Gut by life somehow


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  • Never compare your life my friend. Some kids were just raised differently.

    Ever though that maybe if your dad was rich you could`ve lived that life as well? but he isn`t so you don`t live that life.

    She`s born with a silver spoon so what. She can`t help or do anything about it. It all comes from the Parents. Like i said, if your parents were wealthy too, you`d live that same life.

  • Such is life. No one said it was fair. Work hard, be good, improve yourself and then improve the lives of the ones you love. Or just take the quick and easy route, step on throats to get to the top. Both are workable methods.


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