Is it typical for landlords have you fill out an application form online when you’re looking for a place to rent?

I put an ad on Craigslist looking for a place to live because I don’t know where else to look. I got good at looking at area codes on phone numbers making sure it’s the same area code of the city I’m moving to. I had a few seemingly legit offers that could work. Even got asked to be part of a polyamorous relationship lol that I don’t want part of.

I got an offer from guy. Red flag #1 is that his area code was from Dallas, Texas. I’m in Canada. #2, knowing Canada uses the metric system, he gave me the square footage in square meters. Most people in Canada use square feet. Then he asked me to fill out an application form with and name and move in/out dates. Every scammer I came across wanted me to do this exact same thing so I stopped replying to this guy. Is this whole online application form typical? Last time I rented I did have to fill out a form but it was in person.


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  • A landlord who owns one or two properties and rents them themselves is more likely to do things on paper, but a property management company of any size is going to do things online. Having said that, you should be able to do some research on the company and on other properties that they may renting, etc. If you can't find any info, then use your best judgement (which probably means pass on it).

    • Yeah some told me they own a few places. One even told me to try the Facebook marketplace in which I did find other good places

  • Even if you need to send in an application form, it's usually to the building manager (s) but sometimes people do ask for application forms but it's always done in person unless it's a really big complex and you'll have to go to a website. It isn't typical for a regular landlord to ask for an online form...

  • Yes, there are online forms. The best thing you and do is call the place and set up an appointment to see the place in person.


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