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Guys, Can someone please be my Instagram text buddy? I really need one?

So, I'm a 14 yr old girl who was born and and lives in New Zealand. I'm a Christian, but not that crazy about it. I've recently realized I have depression, I think I know the cause for this and its because of bullying, pressure from family to succeed, family problems, and mainly love. Unrequited love. I realized I tend to like a lot of guys, and all of them hate me, I hate to admit this but, I think I'm boy crazy, My friend told me her parents don't want her to be my friend anymore, as I was boy crazy. I just want to talk to someone who will always be there for me.
Tbh, I mainly just want a text buddy, but it can be more if you want.
I have a crush, but he's leaving school in a few weeks, as he is graduating, And I really don't want him to leave, I can't just watch him leave and do nothing about it.
So this crush, I told him that I wanted to kill my self, he told the school guidance councilors. He said sorry, but he thought they would help me, as he went there as well when he was also 14. I really love him, and I can't get over the fact that he will leave forever. He doesn't know I like him, I want to tell him I do, 2 days before he leaves, I'm thinking of starting it by talking about unrequited love, then telling him that he is my unrequited love, then saying that when i noticed him, he looked like a really nice person who would help me, and i will then say how he's really talented, which is true, he is a musician, a singer, the leader of a band, actor, and that he was funny. I will tell him i was immediately drawn to him. I will tell him that i will miss him, and i will say good luck to his future. that is what i will tell him before he leaves.

Also I honestly dont know what is happening to me, as I feel like im doing it for attention, to get the boys, but again, i think its real, I dont know anymore. My parents dont know anything, as Asian parents dont believe in mental health and stuff. My friends think im mental and crazy. Im 85% positive I have depression.
yes I can
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I will follow your Instagram @itsme._. rosy
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Also Dm me on Instagram @itsme._. rosy
I can't always be on my phone as my parents are strict af, and took my phone off me, so I can only go on Instagram for 10 each night. So New Zealand time, between 8:00pm to 8:30pm will be when i go on for 10 minutes. You will realize my account's private and and that I only post selfies, this is because I don't post selfies on any of my other accounts because, im ugly and I dont want to be judged, I only allow strangers to follow this account.
Guys, Can someone please be my Instagram text buddy? I really need one?
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