Attention! Everyone should read this - Facebook accused of striking 'secret deals over user data?

Oh yeah! Did you know that Mark called this people dumb fucks who use social media haha :)

and here we are again. People forget, already hooked into artificial intelligence.

Can't post a damn link it's on BBC : Facebook accused of striking 'secret deals over user data'

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Faceshit owns instashit, whatsapp sad! Because people are sadly hooked, I've been yesterday in restaurant and it's sad to see this young generation hooked inside this evil social media that was made with AI and data mining. They need to teach that in schools.


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  • Delete all of them. It made the UK press today. Big article about data theft and sales.

    I deleted FB, Twitter, Skype, Whats, Insta etc years ago.

  • Well Mark is a proven robot so tbh he can fuck himself

    • 4d

      but people like young generation is still using instashit and all this shity apps instead friendship we've got AI and hooked people that can't even talk!!!

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