How often do you scroll through stupid questions?

TELL ME WHAT YOU DO ON GAG. I see a lot of dumb questions on here that can be answered by a simple Google search. And some questions are just irrelevant or has no real substance to it. This is largely subjective given that a lot of people respond to these seemingly dumb questions. Tell me what you do on GAG.How often do you scroll through stupid questions?
  • I respond to most questions
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  • I respond to about half
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  • I respond to few
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  • Bruh like i seriously can't find a good question on here
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  • A lot of the answers to these questions are so blatantly obvious that the askers should not even be wasting bandwidth on them.


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  • I go through and answer the questions I want to answer. If I know a troll is asking I say not to feed the troll. If I know it's a silly question I state it. If I feel like someone is just venting I state it.

  • I just respond to questions I either like or feel that are misguided.


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