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I found this somewhat dating app i really loved.. i installed it first around 8 months ago, and removed it after a few days, and then i installed it again.. and so on. I install and remove it almost every month. I haven't installed the app for a month (or more than a month) now. And just earlier tonight i was bored and thought of installing the app again, but its gone? Im using app store. I have my old phone (android) and i can find the app on my play store. What does this mean? Is the app never going back to the app store? Just that i almost NEVER use my old phone anymore so having the app in it is unnecessary. Also is it possible to install play store from my app store so that i can install the app on my play store but still on the iphone
Okay and um on my android, i have the app now and the app is updated and has new features since i last used it on the other phone. Does this have to do with it not appearing on the app store? No? What does it meannn when its not on the app store no more😭


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  • Has it ever been on the Apple app store? Sounds like an app solely for Android phones.

    • 5d

      Yes it was on the app store for months i was using the app there ever since just until now

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