Should I still do it or not?

Ok, so I sent my teacher this: I was wondering as to whether I should continue physics or not in year 12 because when I am in class I feel that I already know what is being explained to me, however, when it comes to tests and exams, I have not been achieving the best results. I am really determined to get good grades for tests and exams but am not too sure how to quite get there and am not sure what to do in order to get there. I would very much like a second opinion about my subject selection. Thank you very much and have a great long holiday!

And he then sent back: It would be advisable to perhaps find a more suited subject. In Year 12 the Physics questions / assessment will become a lot harder. If you did end up staying you would need to ensure that you practice lots of questions so you are prepared for them.

So I then emailed the teacher back saying: So, if I end up staying you're saying that I will need to expose myself to many more questions, in order to ensure better results? I do enjoy the subject, but I am just not too sure on what I can do to further improve my results other than to expose myself to certain questions.

Then the teacher emailed me back saying: Practice, practice, practice!!! I can tell you / help you / show you where to get resources / questions from. So is he saying that I am capable of continuing the subject?

I do enjoy the subject and got a GPA of 3.4 for physics, but I just want to perform better on tests and exams because I want to study Bachelor of Science.


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  • Simple

    • Very true indeed! I guess I am passionate about doing well, so yeah. :)

  • It really is practice and nothing more. Memorize the formulas and know what belongs. That's it. I believe in you

    • Can you please elaborate on what you mean when you said "Memorize the formulas and know what belongs." Do you mean substituting the numbers into the formula? :)

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    • But even then it's still memorizing formulas and knowing what forces apply lol

    • True aha. As they say; mix and match. lol

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