Wearing Winter Slippers Outdoors?

I go study at the public library near where I live very often and spending 4 hours on average each time has my body aching, so recently I’ve been wearing these winter slippers there, since they’re super comfortable (not if there’s snow or rain outside). Is it considered inappropriate or anything? Do you do it at all? Wearing Winter Slippers Outdoors?
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  • I feel comfort is everything. Hell i even go to get take aways in the mall with my pjs on. If you go to the Public library to check out girls and look for a girlfriend then maybe stop wearing them but if you honestly don't give a shit about what people think. Just wear it and be happy

    • Lmao. No I don’t go to the library to talk to girls. I only go to study for a big exam I’m taking soon. And yes, comfort is everything. Thanks for your opinion. 🙌🏽

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    • What are you studying? Career wise i mean

    • I did both pharmacy school and MBA

  • Oh boy, if it's comfy for you and you're stuck in a studying rut... why do you even care about what others think? I'd say it isn't inappropriate at all, especially when you live near the library. Do what makes you happy, especially when you need motivation for studying. I usually dress comfy when I go to uni or have to study in public, such as mom jeans combined with a pullover (see picture). Just do your thing :-)
    P. S.: I'd probably wear socks as well (lol)

    • Thank you lol. But socks or no socks, what’s the difference? It’s a pair of slippers anyways!

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    • I get you, lol! Well, if you don't have smelly feet... then I wouldn't worry! I'd most likely wear slippers with socks and then take them off when I find a cosy place at the library and sit cross-legged on a stool... that's just what I always do when I study.

    • No lol. I’m super clean when it comes to my feet lol. I’ve they smell like anything, it’d be like my moisturizer! Anything but smelly feet. 😷

  • I don't think it's inappropriate per se, but they might get ruined

    • Their sole is very firm, so they’re fun till today at least. Lol.

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