Am I too innocent and soft for this world?

I grew up homeschooled and religious. I never had issues growing up. I was always grateful, happy, bubbly, smart, etc.

I've always been introverted and quiet.

My ex cheated on me and people encouraged him because they think the girl he cheated with is pretty.

I told him I was a virgin and never masturbated and he called me a slut. It hurt a lot someone would say hurtful words about me and I don't know why.

People keep saying I need to pray, get over it, etc. It's been months, I got treated like shit, and I have nightmares and cry every night,

I was racially attacked, threatened, harassed, and bullied. I get told to move on. People side with my narcissist and attack me.

It must be nice being white and pretty so people can idolize you and everything you do. Because I'm seen as the black, bitter, and angry woman.

I never went out of my way to ever hurt, degrade, or devalue anyone.

i wish I could isolate myself forever.


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  • everyone was too innocent and soft for this world at one point in their life


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