The AR or the AK series? and why?

The American AR and the Russian AK have always been compared.
The AK is pictured as a gun used by commies and middle eastern terrorists.
Some historians might say that the Ak47 was better than the M16A1 and that's why the US lost the Vietnam war but that's not totally correct since the US lost because the vietnamese commies were well trained to fight in the jungle and hide in tunnels.
But still to this day the modern M16A4 and AR15 are used by the US military and the AKM is used by Russian forces. The Ak might seem more loud and fast but the AR is way more accurate. I would say it depends on the invoerment and the reason you need this gun for. But personally I would chose the AR if I have to buy one.
  • The AR or the AK series?and why??AK series
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  • The AR or the AK series?and why??AR series
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  • Neither because I hate violence

    • Well, no one likes it. We don't own guns to promote violence but because we know that this world is full of violent people whether we like this or not so we have to defend ourselves by ourselves.

    • Crime rates are way lower in countries where you’re not allowed to own guns though

    • That's true and I won't deny that. But that's one of the reasons crime rate in countirs like the US are high. The us have a high population and also many gangs like Mexican gangs, biker gangs, black gangs etc... and in the US usually shop owners respond to the robbers with a gun and are stopped a lot of times before they can get away with the money

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  • They’re two different guns. The AR is a better rifle than machine gun but the AK is a better machine gun than rifle. I’m for the AK for it’s proven ability to function under any condition, no plastic parts so it can be used as a club if necessary and it’s ability to shoot through a barrier better than the 5.56 to take out an enemy

  • If you go by accurate rate then yes of course AR wins.

    But Aks are way more just spray and pray.
    So different types of guns so kinda unfair to compare.

    I pick ak. Aks have better feel on my hands.
    Aks are simple and simple is sometimes good.
    also ak74u is one of my fav guns of all time cause it's nice and small but gets the job done and the design damn.
    Plus aks are more easy to get and come across.
    Also RPK that thing is pratically unstoppable.
    Also also bullets are cheap for the ak don't know about Ar tho.

    There is a reason why aks are used very often used cause russia made one hell of a gun.
    Just like the ppsh and there bloody great sniper the 3-line rifle aka mosin-nagant.

    So yeah pretty much if you want accurate but not as fast Ar.
    And if you wanna pump someone with lead Ak also if you want an accurate ak it's called mods which are pretty easy to do on aks.

    • Well I think the AK was cheaper and way easier to use that's why anyone knows how to use it. That's why people like terrorists use it. It's easier to shoot but it's not accurate

    • I legit just said that and more.

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  • Today the AK is complete trash, its not like in the Vietnam War anymore. Only American Commies favor the AK because its a Soviet Symbol.

    The AR is the better platform. The firing mode mechanism is a large handle placed in an awkward position on the gun while the AR has just a tiny simple to use mechanism.

    The AR firing mode mechanism is conveniently placed at the trigger hand and can be operated with the thumb very easily while the AK's mechanism is hard and tough to operate, which is why the handle was oversized in the first place.

    If a bullet jams in an AK you have to do a complete field strip to get that bullet out. If a bullet jams in an AR, there's an easy to used mechanism for that.

    The AK platform is ergonomic either, the standard AR is more ergonomic. The AR allows for easy modification, many after market parts. The AK needs a bulky device to put your attachments on.

    What makes the AR the best is its copyright compared to the AK. The Soviet Union did not believe in copyright so they gave it for free to all their member states, when the USSR broke up, they started selling it to other countries.

    The majority of AK's in circulation today are not made by the main official producer in Russia. Most of is Chinese crap. In the US the copyright was handled completely differently, they didn't give it away for free to other countries.

  • Both have their strong suits. ARs are light, accurate, versatile and easy to swap out parts. AKs are heavy, simple, and more powerful at short range.
    If I was buying one for recreational shooting, it would be an AR. If I was picking one for combat it would be an AK

  • AR for situational accuracy, better for well-planned assaults and strategic gun fights
    AK is more well-rounded and less situational but with less effect and bigger risk if not used properly, you'd just end up shooting at nothing if you're not properly trained with such a brute-force weapon with good speed and damage but crazy recoil

  • The AR playform has more choice. You can change it up however you want.

  • I would like something a smaller caliber, but the ar wins in that regard, I still think the scar would be cool now that it can have 5.56 cartridges.

  • Many AKs were sold in the US
    Many AKs were bought by the CIA, to arm rebels

  • AK series. They are like the AR series, but for men!!!

  • Yes. Because.


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