Would you take a chance at one of these for 90 million dollars/euros?

The person with the reward money is protected by armed mercenaries so which one would you pick?
1. Let someone pour a saucepan full of hot butterscotch heated to 400 degrees on your face.
2. Let a major league batting champ hit you in the face 1 time with a metal bat swinging with all their might.
3 Roll around naked in a pit full of Japanese hornets and provoke them
4. Attempt to take a salmon meal from a grizzly bear and all you have is your bare hands


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  • Lol id take on the bear 🐻 fighting chance, where with the others rest your pretty much scared for life

    • What's wrong with the others?

    • 1 & 2 are gonna disfigure my face, number 1 for the rest of my life. And number 3 poking a lot of snakes 🤣 aye right no just gonna be the one. Number 4 I can run away, prob not fast enough but least I have a chance of survival

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