Who is someone you look up to?

I always looked up to Marlon Brando when I was younger and even now when I need a confidence booster. Just something about the way he walked and just established himself as the top dog in movies. Also for some reason certain sexual escapades he’s had make me a little more into him.

I dunno. Probably a bad role model but there are many worse ones. You guys?


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  • I look up to academic intellectuals who have deep humanitarian roots like the Virginia Tech professor who died trying to save his students from gunfire by using his body as a shield and taking the bullets himself - I think his name is Lebrescui

  • I always liked Michael Jackson, but then he was accused of pedophilia and my admiration for his music and talent went to the floor.

    But then it came Lady Diana, I loved her Style and confidence. Same thing with Carolina Herrera.


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