Nuclear Fallout - Who would you allow in your Bunker?

Lets say you had a Bunker for 50 People, Family and Friends are all inside already and you have up to 10 Spots left to take anyone from G@G with you, who´d it be?

Tag 5 Gaggers you´d allow inside your Bunker to safe their lives, can also tag ones who you´d think bring a benefit to your Bunker civilization.

Nuclear Fallout - Who would you allow in your Bunker?

Nuclear Fallout - Who would you allow in your Bunker?

I´d take:
@Tyliah and her cousin @Tianna1 just to have lots of drama to watch, also Tyliah promised to behave

Just a fun little question, dont get butthurt over it.
Gonna add @Sabrina_gomez and @RyanAmaral to my list.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Bro whats wrong with you. Why would take in that many girls. They are incapable of surviving and will only drain the supplies and not produce anything on their own.
    My bunker would be closed for women. And only men with abs and biceps veins are allowed in.

    • They dont need that much food compared to us Fit dudes.

    • Yeah but at least we produce food in return because we kill grizzly bears with hunting knives and wrestle alligators with our bare hands.

Most Helpful Girls

  • My family and friends ofc :D I would totally get inspired by Fallout 4 in terms of survival skills

    • 7d

      Definetly, it’s the game that inspired this question after all 😂

      *ahem* maybe you should take me, I can cook well and sing/play instruments 😂

    • 3d

      Wow that is an interesting offer. What can you cook?

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