Why is the city data weather forum a stupid weather forum that uses unofficial weather websites as sources?

I became neuropath in this forum.

I am from Turkey and I was talking about a place in my country where our official met service records coldest lows in the country but its long term official averages are not available. Some foreign guy took the unofficial website called climate. data. org as a source for that turkish place and he even added these fake averages for the place on wikipedia and everybody rated the fake "climate. data. org averages" of the place on the forum. I am saying look at the measurements of our official met office, it is colder than what unofficial climate. data. org website shows but nobody paid attention.

The swedish guy said if you want cold, go to Nikkaluokta. And what? I looked at averages of Nikkaluokta from climate. data. org website and I found out its average low in January is 6*C warmer than official one.

See? Climate. data. org is a stupid website. He still doesn't remove the climate. data. org averages he put on wikipedia, though. Why? He is a troll.

They look at google instead of official met service of country and say this is the current temperature for your place. I became neuropath and gave up the forum. I even broke my laptob with anger because of this stupid weather forum. They must be trolls.

It must be the worst English weather forum on internet. They rate averages of unofficial weather websites. They use google, accuweather instead of official met services. I put the link of our official met office, they ignore it and curse at me calling my source a fake data when it is actually the official met service of my country. I became neuropath on forum. I even broke my laptob with anger because of this stupid weather forum.


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