Lately I see a war between the two (Uh, centre genders?) Genders, but only one of them fighting?

The Feminist community has been increasingly more aggressive lately, and I don't mean the ones who actually stand for equal rights between the two sexes, but the ones who target all of the other gender, throwing insults. I agree with equal rights, but why can't the violent ones learn from the women's suffrage movement and communicate, be respectful and show dedication instead of calling males sexist, racist, homophobic, and many more things I have heard. This post isn't meant to offend anyone, I'm simply asking a question. Maybe I'm too young to understand,
Please, feel free to debate with me. Just send a message and please be respectful, its a conversation, not a fight.


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  • Extreme feminists are twats. Simple as. But I've seen lots of MGTOWS being violent.


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