What would you say is more important?

So I went through a hard spot in life and lost completely everything cause of my ex, itll be a year in April since this all happened and I dont want to start on rock bottom. But I'm having a hard time figuring out what I need to do first. I lost my license but I have a car and it's not registered yet and I stay with a friend so I guess what I'm trying to ask is what would you say is more important to do first, get my license and car legal or get my own place?

I know a job is first and I do currently have one making 12/hr.


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  • Sorry that's you are you are going though such a though time.

    If your friend doesn't mind you staying with them untill you get back on ur feet then I would stay with them. Get ur car sorted so you can look for more hours and get a bit of money saved up.

    Start to give ur friend rent money etc.. to cover ur accommodation expenses. Once you have a enough saved up then start looking at getting ur own place.

    Failing that, look for a job working away with with accommodation paid for and just say at ur friend when home. Easy way to save money.


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