Which rights do MEN lack and need to fight for?

Which rights do MEN lack and need to fight for in 2019 or better yet what rights do u think men should have

Which rights do men lack and need to fight for?
Which rights do men lack and need to fight for?


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  • 1. The right to bodily autonomy. Here in the states it's legal for a mother and father to mutilate a baby boys genitals, and yet it's illegal to do the same to women.

    2. The right to vote. Here in the states, if you are male and dont sign up for the selective service, you are denied access to financial aid, government Grant's and assistance, you are charged with a felony, and stripped of your voting rights.

    3. Equal representation in family courts. Divorce for women is like winning the lottery. But for men it's like indentured servatude, where he not only loses half or more of his income, he loses his home, his vehicles, and worst of all his children.

    4. Equal representation in criminal courts. When men commit the same crime as a woman his sentence is on average 67% longer than his female counter part.

    5. Equal protection under the law domestic violence. Because of the Duluth model, and the violence against women act, I most cases regardless of who started it, regardless of who was injured its almost always men that go to jail. Even if he didn't lift a finger in his own defense. Additionally there is a violence against women act which make violence against women more severely punished than violence against men, even though men suffer violence WAY more.

    6. Equal representation under the law, our sex laws. If a man rapes a woman, its rape, prison time and rightly so, rapists are sick... but when a woman does the same to man or a little boy virtually nothing is done.. at worst she will have a short jail sentence and probation.. plus based on how our laws operate women cannot be charged with rape.. worse still it's usually spun in such a way to make her the victim, and her victim The innocent little boy or man is ignored or ridiculed. The worst part.. say a female teacher has sex with a 13 year old pupil, and she gets pregnant, the moment he turns 18 he is required to pay child support to his rapist..

    7. Equal protection under the law, child and spouse murder (no I am not talking about abortion). When a woman kills her children she is felt sorry for, made to be the victim, blamed on hormones, vary rarely do these women see jail or prison time, and yet 71% of all child murders are at the hands of the mother alone, along with 70% of all child abuse and child neglect. No consequences, or very minimal consequences are seen. When men commit the same act he will go to prison in most cases for the rest of his life.

    8. Equal representation under the law abortion.. no I won't say women shouldn't have the choice to abort.. it's their body.. but men dont have the same option. Men are stuck with child support based 100% on weather or not she chooses to keep the kid. There is no option to opt out. And before some fembots decide to say "but he can give up his rights" no in most cases he cannot unless some other man is willing to adopt the child. This is the law in nearly all states here in the US. men simply have no rights in this area..

    • Additionally organizations like the national organization for women, a feminist organization, actively lobbies against those things I have listed above.

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    • im in the uk and no u can get a test down without the mothers consent as if u are on the birth certificate u are legal parent too so can give consent like the mother can hell my ex got a test down without me knowing lol but the only thing is u cannot use it in court unless it was a court appoved test

    • It must just be the eu.. the countries I have heard about specifically are Germany and France

  • 1. Get the same sentence for the same crimes.
    2. Fair divorce splits, including assets and children. And pay a fair alimony just for the children not to support the mother.
    3. Inocent until proven guilty. Not having life ruined because someone said I harassed her.
    4. Either female prison guards no longer get to do cavity search to male inmates or male guards get to do the same to female inmates.
    5. If I hit a women after she hitted me I want consequences for both! If I don't hit her I want her to go to jail just like I would.
    6. Stop bashing masculinity. Stop telling men they should be more feminine. Stop telling men they are evil just because they are men. Let boys be boys. Basically stop social shaming of men.
    7. If a women harasses or rapes a men he must be listen to and she must be punished.
    8. More incentives for male students, because we dam well need them! Boys in early years are treated like a hazard.
    9. It's a long list check this page it has it all.


    • i agree with u

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    • The court is so bias against us in those situations. Glad to know some women are with us to make the process fair

    • yeah i see the court as a unfair shitshow

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  • For being able to have emotions without being judged. More therapy help and more understanding because of all the suicides. Also not being blamed for stuff they haven't done just because they are a man. And lastly not being judged for being a less man if they get raped or beated up. Also have the right to decide about abortion or not cause it's both child. Now I'm against abortion but if you wanna end your childs life than it's both options. If the mother doesn't want the baby but the father wants to and pays everything then he should get the baby.
    That's what I can come up with now there are problaby many more.

    • i disagree on the abortion point

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    • @ThisAndThat this has nothing to do with a god that is not even real the law state an unborn baby is not a legal person therefor it canot be classed at murder as the unborn baby is not protected as to be protected you have to be a legal person which they are not until the birth certificate is filled out an filed so if is not murder end of discussion

    • You say a God that's not even real, but boy oh boy can you explain how those scriptures came to pass? Those scriptures that were written over 1900 years ago? In your case I guess if it is true you're in some deep trouble, just saying.

  • Parental rights, equality in divorce rights, equality in sexual assault and rape, equality in the workplace, equality under the law.
    The law is very harsh on men compared to women and women are basically treated like small children or victims that can't possibly be held accountable for their actions due to our gender.


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  • Both men AND women should fight for better paternal rights.

  • I am going to paste a post from Quora. Link at the end.

    I’ve found this answer Evan Wallace's answer to What's something your gender does that the opposite gender never even thinks about?

    It has been taken down because apparently its collapsed… with 45k upvotes, but it truly is enlightening. I’ve copy-pasted it down. All credits to the original author Evan Wallace. This answer will somehow probably be taken down as well, so if you like it, try and share it while you can.


    Women know they will be taken care of. Men will take care of them. The state will take care of them. Complete strangers will come to their aid in disasters.

    Men know instinctively that NO one has our backs.

    We know that if we don’t work hard enough, or get injured, or just have a spell of bad luck, we will be homeless. And, in fact, 80% of homeless are men.

    Men know that if they get divorced, the mother will get full custody 80% of the time. The man knows he will lose half of his assets or more, and be on the hook for 18 years of child support and possible lifetime alimony payments. In fact, 95% of all child support and alimony dollars are paid by men. And if he misses any of these payments, he will go to prison. He will be stripped of his passport, drivers license, and professional licenses—but his child support debt will continue to grow.

    Many of these men die in jail, unable to ever get out from under the cycle of debt. That is why many of those who understand how badly family court is stacked against men, like family attorneys and police, simply kill themselves when served with divorce papers. They know the hell they are about to go through is worse than death. But no woman has ever been jailed for delinquent child support payments.

    Perhaps, then, it is not surprising that four of five suicides are male. We know that if we seek help, we will be seen as weak. If you are a military man, you know you may be discharged by simply admitting to such problems. But our failure to seek help will be derided as an example of “toxic masculinity.”

    Incidentally, the photo of the man carrying the woman and baby out of danger after hurricane Harvey was widely decried by feminists as an example of “patriarchal toxic masculinity.” We know we will get no thanks for doing heroic things. It is simply expected of us.

    We know that our safety is our personal responsibility, because we know that no one will come to our aid in when things get rough. And in fact, men are four times more likely to be the victim of violent crimes than women. But there is no Violence against Men Act in Congress. We are on our own.

    We know that in times of war, only men will be called to defend their country. We know this because 1.5 million American men have died defending their country, while less than 100 women have. While a male soldier can be court-martialed merely for getting a sunburn, thus damaging government property (the soldier) and harming unit readiness, female soldi

    • We know that in times of war, only men will be called to defend their country. We know this because 1.5 million American men have died defending their country, while less than 100 women have. While a male soldier can be court-martialed merely for getting a sunburn, thus damaging government property (the soldier) and harming unit readiness, female soldiers can opt out of service by getting pregnant at any time with no penalty.

      Men know that we are expected to build and maintain our society. We know that we will have to do all of the dirty, dangerous jobs to keep things running—not women. And, in fact, 19 of 20 workplace deaths are male. That’s right: 95% of all deaths on the job are men. Yet no feminists are protesting for more women in sewer work, or garbage collection, or bricklaying. We know that all of this falls on our shoulders.

      That is what men know that women never have to think about.

    • We do so much for women and then get bashed for doing so

  • The divorce laws and the family court system needs a major overhaul but if it ever happens (which I doubt it ever will) expect a huge backlash from women. Even lawyers will tell you how unfair the system is.

  • Oh I can on forever

    same rights as women when it comes to kids.

    The same right to NOT be guilty until proven otherwise especially when a girl screams rape.

    Then he should be able to sue her for his grief and shame he endures.
    because some people will still judge him.

  • I don't know. Mainly in divorces... alimony shouldn't exist, split custody of the children should be the regular default position unless there are some extenuating circumstances.

  • I would say the freedom to express their emotions without having their masculinity being judged.
    Also the fact that male rape and abuse is treated as less important which I believe is wrong.

  • i think equal treatment is a big one both from crime and punishment perspective and social perspective
    e. g. more fair jail sentencing

  • We have all the rights women have, and more. Except for one thing: the right to flaunt our junk in public in tight revealing clothing. Women got cleavage here and leggings booty there, miniskirts and booty shorts... but if we wear booty shorts or speedos to flaunt the bulge or the butt, that's rather frowned upon.

    • so u are ok with women having more rights to kids then

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    • @Ellie-V which falls right in line with my point, which is that all things taken into account, men have way more rights and privileges than women.

    • I was only referring to your mentioned exception.

      But I don’t really agree that men have more rights and privileges. It seems pretty even in my opinion with the exception of divorce and child custody issues

  • Equal rights in a court of law
    Punishment for women who falsely accuse of rape or sexual allegations
    Right to not be tricked into raising another man's child

    • Equal treatment under the law for custody battles would be nice too. Also abolish and outlaw affirmative action policies.

  • Reproductive rights, equal treatment in court, paternity leave, equal treatment in domestic disputes, punishments for false rape accusations, equal treatment in child custody, and equal punishments for crimes.

  • 60% longer prison sentences and more likely to be sentenced.
    More often victims of violent crimes and often experience it worse than women.
    People are okay with women hitting them because they think they deserve it, but if a man hits back he is a terrible person.
    Depending on where you live we have the right to choose to be parents while men don't.
    High suicide rate.
    ~40% of the demestic abuse victims, yet they have no shelters for men.
    If you try and fight for your rights as a man you are called sexist and bigoted.
    Sex and kill objects on TV, yet feminists only care that women are sometimes seen as sex objects.
    Male rape victims are even less believed than female victims.
    Men are often assumed guilty if accused of rape, even though a maximum of 40-48% of reported rapes are proven true. Likely even lower for accusations not gone to court. Men loose their jobs and have there lives ruined over this.
    Women get handed more scholarships than men, specific to their gender. 3-1 highering in stem field. More likely to graduate every level of education. Always being seen as child predators. Guys can't sit next to minors on a plain, sit on a park bench or help a lost kid without being attacked or harassed.

  • Many but I will start with 11.

    1. Child Custody;
    2. Devorce Court equality;
    3. The right to be masculine without being deemed toxic;
    4. To be free from abuse and supported through it (no shelters);
    5. The right to be acknowledged as abuse victims (over 40% of men are victims of DV);
    5. Equal funding for prostate cancer which is more prevalent than breast cancer yet has not even 1/3 the funding breast cancer has;
    6. The right to advocacy and free speech (like the left have);
    7. The right to have a say in abortion (it is our child too);
    8. The right to not be treated as a second class citizen;
    9. The right to have equal opportunity and be free from affirmative action (e. g. gender quotas), jobs are being given on gender and not merit;
    10. The right to have fathers recognised as parents and not financial supply;
    11. The right to have male suicide recognised as an important issue.

    • You forgot the most important thing: Paternity Fraud. It's worse than rape yet is legal and treated as a joke.

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    • @Grobmate Interesting to know that. I would agree with that being a right that needs to be fought for. Men in the US get the raw end of the deal too. Women want equal rights meaning they should fight for the rights to be equal, not unbalanced in their favor.

    • @StingRayxoxo totally agree. Our Devorce laws and Family laws are very similar (US & Australia). In fact we share common legislation more than many realise. It is not fair in the slightest. Activism is rife in both countries too from what I have seen.

      The Feminists claim to want equality but don't understand the concept. There are some MRAs who also don't understand it but you could count them with two fingers to be honest. The majority of MRAs want equality, (being equal opportunity, rights and responsibilities). The Feminists want to resolve their issues by pushing Men down. Rather than bring up to a baseline that is inline with men.

      Cassie says it best with an excellent address:


      The pain of it all is that Men love their women. Mothers, Sisters, Wives and daughters. Yet it feels as though society stopped loving Males long ago. They are deemed expendible and to be used as sperm donors or a source of financial stability.

  • I'd just like society to accept that men can be victims.

    • They accept men can be victims; they just won't respect them as one though.

  • The family court system is rigged for women all the way. That needs to become fairer to the fathers.

  • 1. Equal opportunities in colleges (some colleges have a gender preference)
    2. Equal power in divorce cases (women win all the time)
    3. Not losing jobs because of fake cases ( guys lose their jobs due to fake harassment accusations)
    4. Same punishment as a rapist for women who file false rape cases.
    5. Equal rights to the kid.
    6. Men shouldn't pay child support once the women gets married again.
    7. Equal treatment in society. Men are labeled as rapists and liars when a women points a finger without even knowing the truth.

    • What has child support have to do with women getting married again. The new husband don't have to pay for your kid. He didn't make it. he is your kid whatever she marry again or not

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    • 100% agree bro

    • So wait, you think he should have "Equal rights" to that child, but not equal responsibility to support it?

      Just because the mother of his child remarried, it doesn't that person responsible for another man's child.
      Unless you want to hand over all parental rights with it?

      About this "entitled" thing. If he can afford it, he needs to help. It's child support, not ex-partner support.

      I have a little girl, and I have never asked her dad for money ( it's different in the uk, it's not a forced/ automatic thing, you have to apply for it) ... and the reason for that is because I know he doesn't get particularly well paid.
      For a while, he didn't even have a job, and it didn't bother me for a while, there were more important things. He was there for her and that's really what mattered.
      But the thing is, he goes out pretty much every night and that was fine for a while, but now it's at the point of if he can afford to do that...
      I'm alright for now, money-wise, but that's not the point.
      It just makes me wonder how much he actually cares sometimes.
      There has been so many times I've wanted to tell him to leave us alone , but I don't, for her... but I feel like I'm the only one who actually puts her first, and it's not fair.

  • It's not really about rights because I don't think one sex has more rights than the other, however, there are many notable issues that need at least some attention. Watch this video to see what kind of problems men face in general :

  • Men have the right to always lower the toilet seat down.

  • Feminist handbook summed up in once sentence: the woman is NEVER wrong.

    • Try the right phrasing.
      Men are the bad one's that oppress female's.

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    • For the girls downvoting me, prove me wrong. Whenever has a feminist group stood up for a man? When have they ever called out proven lying POS accusers (Google Brian Banks).

      Men on the otherhand, no matter how conservative will always call out shithead guys as long it’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt they are guilty. I have yet to see a men’s right organization not condemn Harvey Weinstein.

  • Wow! This post is messy

    Men are unfairly treated when it comes to divorce cases, and no side should pay any alimony at all, it's an outdated and ridiculous concept

    When it comes to child custody, I think men are treated unfairly, the custody of the child must be divided equally unless one parent is not mentally stable. Also, it should not be possible to give some other man the custody of a man's child, no matter what

    I think men are judged harshly for pretty much everything and that's something that needs to be changed. For example in matters of sexual harassment, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, domestic abuse, etc

    I think these days insecure women have made it their mission to destroy everything masculine and that makes men uncomfortable with accepting their masculinity, that needs to be changed and the best way to do that is to stop raising women like narcissists, so they don't grow up and act like they can do anything they want and get away with it by playing victim

  • I'm a single dad (also working FT and running own ventures too ) , the right NOT to be automatically be viewed as a pedo / pervert / rapist in waiting , and /or shit parent , just for the " heinous crime " of being born with a Y chromosome. Single dads , yes , we are far fewer in numbers than single mothers , get less support , and as men are in general , expected to STFU and suck it up. Partnered mothers at my workplace receive far more leeway than me , for one example. Other answers , such as @Ultimate_Gohan , have beat me to it , was going to list much the same.

  • I think there needs to be more mental health resources geared to men

    • Did you know if I actually searched for help for mental health it'd take several fucking months because Im not prioritized in my own country? Refugees got me again... smh.. Im not even lying this is a big issue in Sweden...

  • Among these would be…
    • the equal right for male rape-victims to be acknowledged as existent, to not be derided for serious deficiency in fundamental masculinity, and the legal provisions to prosecute the perpetrator (s);
    • equal treatment in criminal sentencing;
    • the legal equality in terms of alimony, child-support, and child-custody in terms of divorce;
    • the right of equal protection & treatment in terms of domestic-violence;
    • the right of either equal protection form involuntarily servitude via conscription or equal application of conscription on both sexes;

    And while not exactly rights, there are serious imbalances that are neglected, among them being…
    • dropping academic performance, college-admissions, and graduation of male students across nations;
    • disproportionately lower funding for the research of cures (ex. for breast-cancer vs. for prostate-cancer);
    • disproportionately higher suicide rates among men;

    • i agree to all but the child-support point

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    • Here, I'm torn.

      Child-support isn't exactly 1 of my major issues, there are so many complicating factors to take into account, and clashing considerations. For either sex to terminate their parental responsibility (with womens's via abortion & men's via denial of child-support), is immoral to me. But at the same time, (aside from normal, understandable people in hard times who already make the assessment difficult) there are irresponsible sex-obsessed guys and crazy women (with insane intensity of baby-fever and/or desire for quick, easy, guaranteed cash).

    • i think as long as women have abortion men should be able to refuse child surpport so it is fair and both get to choice if they want to be a parent not just the women

  • Not being told we are toxic for just being boys. And legally the divorve rules are bad and the alimony is stupid

    • Notice how a lot if women are freaking out and yet they want us to join there man blaming feminist movement

  • In general, men and women are equal, in the West. We have the same rights, but in some occasions, one gender benefits more than the other.
    Since this is a post about what needs to improve for men, I'm gonna give a few examples on what men fall behind.

    Parental rights and post-divorce. Usually men are the ones who lose custody, even if the woman is a shitshow. Same with divorces, even if the woman was the cause of the divorce, she'd still receive alimony and other assets that belonged to the man.

    Being victims of sexual assault. Most men that aren't isolated in their rooms, have been victims of sexual assault/harassment, but men aren't taken seriously at all. Some even believing men can't be victims of this.

  • I think you guys should have more rights to your children. I also think a woman shouldn't have the right to abort your child without your permission as long as abortion is legal. I also think there should be the same programs for single dads that single moms have access too.

  • In my country if a woman accuses a man of rape, he is rapist, that's it!
    Other things would be done later but first the guy would be put behind the bars
    And also if a woman accuses his husband and his family for taking dowry, the husband's family is guilty even if there is still no proof of it
    Thank you for such a nice question, lady

  • The right for male rape victims to not have to pay child support for a child they didn’t consent to have.



    There are dozens of their examples of similar cases. And these are just the ones we hear about.

    • Also the right to have rape classified as rape. A woman forcing a man to have sex with her is legally defined as forced to penetrate, not rape. No matter who is involved/the victim it’s the same thing and should be defined as such.

  • the right to have a fail trial

    The right to Bodily Autonomy

    The right to vote Unconditionally

    The right to Equal Representation in ALL courts

    • what do you mean by "The right to vote Unconditionally"? do you mean the requirement to register with selective services?

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    • in the US men have to register in order to vote. do women register with selective services (or whatever the UK equivalent is)?

    • @madhatters4 no register in the uk at all unless u willing sign up both for men and women over here

  • 1. The right to be fathers, to get involved in the lives of their children, and to make critical decisions about the children's welfare.
    2. The right to have their names cleared in cases of (false) accusations of rape or sexual impropriety.
    3. The right to property in cases of divorce or end of relationship.
    4. The right to be heard and treated fairly in cases of rape or domestic abuse where the female is accused of being the perpetrator.

  • Men are still largely the ones who have power and jurisdiction, so we need to ask those men why they won't give other men rights. Feminists and other women can make cases against men or for their own advantage but ultimately it's men in power who can decide, and they decide to let women slide, let them get the edge in divorce, pedophilia, etc.

    So we need to ask why men won't give other men rights.

    • Most men naturally have a protect and provider instinct towards women. Unfortunately this has been abused on a wide scale.

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    • @sonnysunshine Also true. But other societies deal with women firmer than we do. We're just afraid of handling women.

    • Because we have raised to kiss their asses.

  • 1.) I would like to be able to retire at 60 like women, not at 65 which is the age for men in my country.

    2. ) I wish I would not have been forced to waste a whole year serving in the military and was then completely braindead afterwards when I got to university.

    3.) I wish I could choose to be a stay at home dad, without getting judged by society.

    And you do realize, that #meninism is a parody of feminism? Its not real, its satire.

    • Exactly... Here in Greece men have to serve the army, while womens don't have to, mens retire at 67 and womens 65

  • Legally we have all rights afforded us by human law and natural law.

    But there are defiantly areas where men could be treated better.

    • i agree and what would them areas be

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    • i agree 100%

    • *thumbs up*

  • Truthfully I don't think I am owed anything. If I make a stupid mistake and marry a horrendous girl that is on me for being poon blinded and stupid. I have every right that I need to become ultra successful which I have taken advantage of. Women have the same rights.

  • Male abuse victims, male rape victims, trans male rights, ridding deep seeded toxic masculinity, gay rights, male sex trafficking victims, male child abuse victims the list goes on

    • Masculinity isn't toxic

    • Not being able to show emotions? Not being able to express love or sadness around other men freely? Men around the world are told things like “suck it up” “that’s gay” “you’re a pussy” if they do this. That’s pretty toxic in my book. Emotions shouldn’t be suppressed.

    • @hello009 masculinity isn't toxic. Some of the ways we socialize boys and men about what masculinity is produces anti-social behavior and later social isolation, that is not good for the man himself. That's what is meant by toxic masculinity.

  • I don't know much right now about rights, but we need to get rid of the clichè (typo? Idk) that mobbing on boys is just: Well boys, you know how boys are. It is their nature. Well if this is a widespread picture of how boys are, how should this world get more pleasent and open and how should this picture of males influence feminist gains positively

  • Men have all their rights since the dark age until now and they don't need to fight for something

    • u sure about that

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    • @ThisAndThat you reply to me or bbutterfly

    • @ThisAndThat They always twist it to fit their victim / oppressed worldview. "Men had to fight and die in war" becomes "They didn't think women were capable of fighting." They could even twist "Women face about half the length in prison sentences as men" to, "Society doesn't think women are tough enough to endure prison" lol.

  • Bah, It's done and destroyed.

    Women have men forced to perform, entertain, and impress them consistently. Men are competed against each other from trivial things to things that physically injure us.

    We are so far beyond having the right to fight for rights I wouldn't know where to begin.

    • do not give up i am a women and i see that it is unfair to men

    • I don't see it changing.

      It's actually getting worse every year.

    • i know and it is sad

  • We are all equal, no one has the need to fight for rights anymore. Everyone stop playing victim and blaming your failures on something as stupid as "because I a man, woman, black, white, Asian, Blasian". Take some responsibility you god damn snowflakes.

  • It is an exercise in futility.
    It is more realistic for men to walk away, refuse to interact with women and let the whole festering Feminist/Marxist shit show collapse under the weight of its own cognitive dissonance.

  • In east women have lack of rights, in west men have lack of rights. Interesting.
    I support you, boys!

  • Fair justice

    • plus Equal representation under the law abortion.. no I won't say women shouldn't have the choice to abort.. it's their body.. but men dont have the same option. Men are stuck with child support based 100% on weather or not she chooses to keep the kid. There is no option to opt out. And before some fembots decide to say "but he can give up his rights" no in most cases he cannot unless some other man is willing to adopt the child. This is the law in nearly all states here in the US. men simply have no rights in this area

    • I believe in a women’s right to chose. The right to chose not to have sex. The right to chose to be on birth control and have her partner use condoms. And before someone brings up the “What if she was raped, or what if the baby isn’t viable and what about incest. But that makes up about 1% of all abortions. 99% of all abortions are because of inconvenience.

      Why should another life half to die because of the couples poor decision.

  • In Sweden 97% of all workplace deaths and accidents in 2016 were men. How about we fix that.

    • what do you mean by that exactly? obviously we want all deaths eliminated but as a generalisation males in ‘male work fields’ have more dangerous and physical jobs, often making their pay higher.
      generally females orientated jobs are a lot less risky and life threatening.
      obviously we need to work towards getting this 97% down but they’re not lacking any rights? I don’t understand how this was an answer to the question

    • I'd say men issues for this but women at least in the western world has the same rights as men and they talk about women issues so... What about mens issues?

    • issues and rights are different things but okay

  • For feminazzi to follow Hitler to the grave and to get off our backs.

  • The right to bodily integrity so they can't be circumcised as babies against their own will. Also the right not to be forced to pay child support for a child that is not theirs.

  • we need the right which can save us from fake claims of sexual harassment. like if someone say you did with her 10 years ago, it will always be men that will be looked down and that women will be given title of hero even if its fake.

  • Being able to get emotional and free to talk about their feelings without being categorised as “being weak”!
    Or “being wuss” SMH

  • In my country, legally, none. Same as women.

    Societally, we have no p pill and no abortion right. We also more frequently lose the right to see our children in a divorce.

  • Walk freely down the street behind a female without her thinking she's being chased or threatened in any way, and I say that because they always turn their fucking heads to see what's behind them

    • Wouldn't you be aware of your surroundings as a man? In the world we live in today both men and women have to be aware of our surroundings. So of course people are gonna look behind them. Those who don't become easy targets.

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    • @Zion333 We don't walk around thinking all eyes are on us. But in order to make sure you aren't someone that might want to do us harm we have to see who's walking behind us. That's a normal behavior of anyone that hears foot steps behind them. One of the things you are taught in self defense is to be aware of your surroundings. And crazy people don't care if it's broad day light. Not all of us think we are so hot we have to look at you to make sure you aren't checking us out. Hell, I taught my son to beware of people around him when he's out walking from point A to point B. It would be stupid in today's world to walk around as if no one is a threat to you and leaves you vulnerable to being victimized. So deal with it. Maybe it's more narcissistic to assume we want your attention.

    • Some men do in fact attack women is broad daylight.
      Plus, as pointed out by @PinkMichae, women are told to be aware of your surrounding at all times. Walk confidently and appear like you can handle yourself. You are less likely to be targeted.
      So you can ease your mind. Women are not looking to see if you’re checking her like you think. Know that a woman who is looking behind her is trying to be responsible for her own safety.
      It’s a good thing

  • The right to be open about their emotions without being called gay or a pussy

  • Equality In court why do women get 50% of everything

    • You should change that number

      If 50/100 for women then 50/100 for men. It’s equivalent for both sexes lol.

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    • I think you misunderstood I meant why do women get 50% of all the men’s stuff especially during divorce like she would get half his stocks and everything when she did nothing to deserve that

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