Has anyone seen Pokemon: Detective Pikachu yet?

Has anyone seen Pokemon: Detective Pikachu yet?

Go see it if you havnt

I thought the animations and story were pretty good on this one. I hope they make another pokemon movie like this. I enjoyed the humour, especially the part with the mr. mime. That scene was hilarious!

It's a whole new take from the regular pokemon series with battles and puts a different spin to it. It's a must see in my opinion

For those who have seen it, did you enjoy it?

what was your favorite part of the movie?


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  • @disgustingweebtrash went to see it this past weekend, and he told me it was really good.

    • 11 d ago

      You should go watch it!

      The little bits of comedy in the movie made me laugh. It turned out way better than i had anticipated

      Sonic on the other hand might let you down lol

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