Teacher calls me out?

Why would my teacher only call out me for being quiet, when there are numerous other quiet kids in the class? Every damn time he speaks to me, he fits in “Are you going to talk” “why are you so quiet” or something like that. But I’m by no means the quietest kid in the class, I talk plenty. Sometimes, I just want to respond with why are you so goddamn loud...

why does he single me out? There are at least six other kids who’ve never spoken to him, or anyone around them, and can’t raise their voices louder than a mouse. I don’t understand why he never calls them out, and constantly calls me out.

Any ideas? I’m a junior, and this is an AP class.


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  • Maybe he see a quality in you that if you would open up by talking you would achieve you heart desires in life.


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  • Teachers suck


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