Who wants to do a survey?

I’m bored as fuck so here we go. Copy and paste the questions with your answers.

1. Who would you rather have as your lover, Negan or Joffrey?
2. Who would you rather have as a mistress, sansa or Danny?
3. You get one melee weapon and one ranged weapon, what is it?
4. What would scare you more if it was real, being attacked by raiders or being attacked by piranhas?
5. Would you rather have wolves live near your house, or a single bear?
6. Who would you rather be president, Hannibal lecter or Tywin Lannister?
7. If you could move to one country for free, where would it be?
8. Would you hunt animals for profit if it paid enough?
9. Grosses thing you ever drank?
10. Scariest thing you can imagine?


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