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Do you think my cat is unusual? (Please expand in comments why)?

I get varying responses with this.

He knows his name (and answers) and does commands most of the time. He understands but unless he’s being stubborn he obeys.

He lets me give him a bath and when he’s lifted out he reaches and meows for me: he’ll wrap both paws round my neck.

The one people find most surprising is the vets. He’s too big for a cat carrier so we take him loose in the car and in the vets he sits unrestrained on my lap. I put my hand round his chest and my arm along his body but I don’t restrain him. The windows are usually open and he’s surrounded by dogs but he sits quiet and patiently on my lap. (He’s not a lap cat he hates it at home).

is he unusual or do you think your cat would be like this given some trust?
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It’s nice people had learnt to fully read 🙄. Thanks for your free points but not bothering further.

For those who didn't complete primary school thank you for your input. If only gag had an IQ level and we exclude people who can’t get through a 12 word title.
Do you think my cat is unusual? (Please expand in comments why)?
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