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College dilemma, please help? (Read Additional details)?

I will be moving to my mom's new home against my will. But I still need to finish my college major, which the new local college does not support. Ir

Mom says that if it means a lot to me, I can drive to and from school each day, which each trip takes 45 minutes to go to, compared to 20 minutes at my old home. But I do not feel that it is worth it.

Option B would be to start again from scratch and go for a new major instead. I do not want to go for any other major other than my choice.

Option C is not something my parents would want me to do, but I would stay at a place that is close to the community college (no student housing is available on campus). Although, I do not think I will have enough money to cover the costs.

What do you guys think I should do?
Drive 45 minutes to school and back each day until I finish my major
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Start from scratch at the new school
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Try to find a place to stay near the current school (Probably will not happen)
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College dilemma, please help? (Read Additional details)?
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