Why Don't Guys Like Talking On the Phone?

I have been dating this guy for four months now. He told me when we first started talking that he "is not a phone person" but he managed to call me at least once a day everyday. The past couple of months he will call once a week. Last week I got upset and told him how it made me feel when he doesn't call as often and I noticed that he was starting to make improvements, however he called me on Sunday and I didn't answer. He left a message telling me to call him back when I got the chance. I called him back a couple of hours later and left a message and it is now Tuesday with no call back. What's the deal? I know he is super busy with school and work but c'mon! What's up with guys and the phone?


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  • You use the term "guys" loosely, I myself LOVE talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I spend hours everyday waiting for her to call me after she gets off work or home from school. I don't have a texting plan so all I do is call her and hang out with her. A lot of guys don't like talking on the phone because they think its more of a "girl" thing I suppose (ive asked a lot of my buds and that's what most of em reply with).

    • Thanks for your answer. And I do realize that there are some guys that like talking on the phone I'm just saying the "majority." :-)

    • Hehe thank you :)

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  • Old School Rules: Never trust a person if you can't see their eyes. Anything important is done face-to-face; everyone important is in the room.

    I only use the phone to make or break dates.

    • But what if the woman you were dating wanted you to call her? Thanks for your input by the way. :-)

    • I would call her--to make a date. Now if she squirms around making a date, that's a big red flag.

  • its not just the guys , some girls do that and prefer txting than calling , just like my girl

    i askeed her she said the same thing ''shes not a phne person '' , do you guys txt each other

    or you just meet in person ,like I said some people don't like talking on the phone because sometimes it feel awkward when it go silence on the phone ,it give you time to think before you answer or start a convo ,i hope it make sense to you.

    • Thanks. I just don't know how to relay to him that it means a lot to ME when he calls me. He says that just because he doesn't call all the time it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about me or that I'm not on his mind but I don't know. It's almost making me want to end things. Any suggestions on how to relay the importance of calling to him? Thanks again for your input! :-)

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    • He's been out of town for about a month but before that he would come and see me. We live about an hour away from each other and he would want me to spend all weekend with him because I couldn't see him during the week. I would go over his house and chill. He may have to move to another state for business and he told me that he wants me to come see him.

    • I'm guessing that you guys in a relationship , its great that he want to spend the whole weekend together , so did you talk about him moving to another state ,why don't you live together ,

  • it's boring..

  • it's boring.


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