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What do you think of these three guys?

David Crockett's enemies unseated him from Congress by a mere 86 votes. Jim Bowie fled Louisiana amid (truthful) accusations that he had swindled people out of millions in fraudulent real estate deals. William Travis left Alabama leaving behind a failed law practice and a wife he no longer loved.

All three guys came to Texas and achieved prominent positions in Texas government. Travis even found the love of his life, Rebecca Cummings (and banged 56 other girls along the way, but that's neither here nor there). Then on March 6, 1836, all three died at the Alamo: Travis at the beginning of the battle with a pistol ball through his forehead; Bowie, who had planned the strategy for the battle despite being half out of it with typhoid fever, bayoneted in his sickbed; and Crockett near the end of the battle when the Mexican army broke through the palisade.

For Crockett, Bowie and Travis, the Alamo was their apotheosis, the fulfillment of their purpose in life. I feel worst for William Travis. Before he went to the Alamo he asked Rebecca to marry him and she said yes. He died knowing he'd never see her again. At least he died knowing she loved him.

What do you think of these three guys?
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