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24 and still never had a girlfriend, why me?

I’m 24 years old years old and I’ve been single all my life and still never had a girlfriend and I’m getting absolutely sick of seeing people around me coming out of relationship then a few weeks/months later they get in a new relationship and there’s me still single. No girl has ever found me attractive or ever had any feelings for me. Not one ever bothered approaching me whether it’s online, a nightclub or in public. Don’t tell it’s self-pity, because all this I stated are personal experiences I encountered in my life, they are facts. I addressed many useless people with my issues but the typical recycled responses are along the lines of “Don’t worry you’ll find someone soon”, “Your time will come” or “there’s someone out there for everyone”. No, I’lll never find someone, my time will never come and there’s not someone out there for everyone. If I’m wrong then If would’ve been in relationship years ago. You may not want to take this thread seriously but try being a lonely angry 24 year old virgin who’s never been a relationship before and gets looked down on society. I was 15/16 since I started wondered questioning why I’m still single. -Is it because of my looks? Not the best looking guy but not ugliest either but most girls do judge on looks even though I seen guys uglier than me in relationships. -Is it the way I come across? I’m socially inept who lacks adequate communication skills and minor speech impediment.
24 and still never had a girlfriend, why me?
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