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Was my punishment excessive?

The one time I really upset my parents and got punished:
My parents were generally laidback, reserved people. However, they did punished me once when I was in 6th grade.
Somehow they discovered what a couple friends and I were doing to two kids; one of them had special needs. Not just that but I was the one orchestrating it all. It was going on for about 2 years (my parents were unaware for that long) and the special needs kid would often leave crying.

Lets just say they put the fear of god on me that day at home but it still wasn't over yet. They walked straight to the assistance principal's office apologizing to the parents of the other kids, requesting the school to take measurements, that if I needed to get suspended then do it and told things as it was... basically they literally threw me under the bus. Then all my electronics and cell were taken away for slightly over a month, I wasn't allow to hang out with friends for a while, etc. That's the only time I've ever seen my parents so angry, disappointed, and motivated into taking actions.

There never was a next time after that. I did genuinely apologized to both kids (the special needs kid was more forgiving; he forgave right away) several months later. Sometimes I would then volunteer to help the special needs kid.
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I got into a couple fights later on in 9th grade. This might sound hypocritical and ironic but it was now me standing up for someone that was getting backed against a wall by two bullies, thug wannabes.
Was my punishment excessive?
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