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Good prom stories to share?

Does anyone have any good prom stories they want to share?

I don't because both of my proms sucked. My junior year, I took a girl that I liked at the time. She just wanted to go as friends, which I agree to. We slowed dance for half of a song, and wanted to dance in a group because she felt uncomfortable for whatever reason. And she wanted to go home at 9:30. I told her if she wanted to leave, she can, but I was staying. I also got a called the next morning saying my cousin was murdered.

My senior prom was a little bit better, but that's not saying much. I wanted to go to prom by myself. I wasn't going to go, but my mom talked me into going. She didn't want me to go alone and asked if I wanted to go with my cousin. (Gross) I said no, because she is my cousin and she had a boyfriend at the time. I got talked into by a classmate to go with her, she was cute and nice. So I agree to ask her. Which she said yes. I asked her three days before prom. (We almost got a limo!). We went to prom. slowed dance a lot, went bowling, I got home around 1:30 A. M. The next day I told her I had a crush on her. She told me she didn't want a relationship with anyone, and she said to see what the future hold. Monday comes, she gets a boyfriend. I was pissed because I wasted $125.

But yeah that's my prom stories. What are some of yours?
Good prom stories to share?
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