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Afraid of chair and mirror when I sleep?

Just want to know if I'm not alone. Ever since I was a kid, I'm scared of seeing a chair and a mirror in my room. Whenever I'm about to sleep whether the mirror and a chair is adjacent or facing my bed, as long as it is inside my room, I hate it because I feel like if i leave the chair empty, a ghost will sit there and if i turn the chair away from me, a ghost will still sit there but i will see a head instead. And i'm afraid of the mirror because i think that if it is facing me while I'm sleeping, once i open my eyes, I will see a ghost. Until now whenever I'm about to sleep, I will remove the chair first out of my room and I will tilt the mirror so that it will be facing the wall instead of me. I'm not sure whether i'm afraid of the mirror or just afraid of any supernatural / ghost /weird stuffs reflections that might appear on it and chair or a ghost that might sit in a chair. Is this also a kind of phobia?
Afraid of chair and mirror when I sleep?
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