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My sister and her husband stalk my Instagram?

My sister and her husband talk shit about me and make up lies about me. They talk about me wearing crop tops to my mom (I’m 28 years old by the way... grown woman!) and I should not have an Instagram because jobs will do a back ground check on me all this crazy shit... I don’t post anything but cute pictures of myself and my clothes are normal clothes any girl in there 20s would wear! I graduated from college and I even worked as a college tutor. I’m smart and I’m pretty much the good girl in the family. My sister however was very trashy before her husband. She was a stripper and slept around a lot never finished college and has had many abortions. Wtf is there problem? They tell my niece I’m a bad influence wtf. Why are they obsessed with hating on me when I’m just being me? Why don’t they just stop looking at my Instagram? by the way none of them even have active Instagram I guess they just google me and check my page. What is wrong with them?
My sister and her husband stalk my Instagram?
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