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Paying bills and saving.. what are your strategies?

I am trying to get rid of debt so I can get a mortage.. right now what I owe is more than what I make.. my student loans are not the issue its my person loan I took out last November ran into a roommate issue too proud to ask dad for money so went to Easy Financial.. got a loan 10,000 it was month to moth rent of $900 needed to get out when she expected me to taxi her kids to school needed extra for this or that gave her a little over $1200 the first month.. I was staying in her basement the arrangement was ipon moving in $900 and I buy my own food.. so I didn't want to hear dads I told you it was a bad idea to move in with a friend again.. 2 girl roommates I had disasters.. the guy roommates 2 different ones were much better! Anyhow I got the loan down to $1,860.. I work 40 hrs/wk.. having a yard sale this Saturday.. how else can you make money? Not including sexual stuff not interested in that.. and whats your strategies for saving? What do you find works for you? Cause I am hoping to have this gone soon so I can save for my down payment and have my own place no more roommates! Living at my parents is tough like im 12 again... help!
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Paying bills and saving.. what are your strategies?
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